Methods Of Payment

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express at no additional charge. If you prefer to pay by check, we are glad to help you. Please remember that we cannot ship your products until payment is received and verified. We also accept Wire Transfers, pay pal, google check out payment. We will not accept C.O.D and money order. We will not charge your credit card till we have shipped your orders. Please note that when credit card authorization is issued, regardless if we have charged your card or not, the funds will be holed for up to a certain number of days depending on your bank or credit card institution. If using a debit card please make sure with your bank the daily withdrawal limits on your card, as “WWW.AMACOMPUTERSUPPLY.COM”  are not responsible for any surcharges your bank may impose for transactions exceeding your limit. “WWW.AMACOMPUTERSUPPLY.COM” reserves the right to request additional information for verification purposes and will contact you by e-mail or phone. Your order will be processed as soon as we receive the requested information.